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The 7th ICIF shows cultural heritage

Time:2011-05-13   Source:Shenzhen Daily

A display area has been set up to highlight national and provincial intangible cultural heritage at the main venue of this year’s China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF), which runs Friday to Monday.

There will be 208 displays from 17 provinces and cities at Hall No. 4 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Futian District, Vice Mayor Wu Yihuan told a press conference Thursday.

The displays include 67 examples of national cultural heritage, mainly traditional art, folk techniques, food and traditional Chinese medicine.

The fair would become a platform for the introduction of Chinese cultural heritage to the world and to help exploit international markets, Wu said.

A total of 241 applications were received for displays at this year’s fair and 33 displays would be featured at fair subvenues.

More than 12,000 buyers from 89 countries and regions would attend the fair. A total of 1,896 delegations organized by government institutions and enterprises would exhibit goods at the fair, 99 more than last year, Wu said.

The main venue would have nine exhibition halls, highlighting animation, intangible cultural heritage, industrial design industries, fine art and performances.

There would also be 479 activities during the fair, including a cultural development forum, training for first-class cultural professionals, a new media and animation festival, and an ICIF art festival.

Admission is 50 yuan (US$7.6) for an adult and 20 yuan for a child below 1.5 meters. Tickets are on sale at the entrances to the main venue.

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