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Culture and high-tech mixed in for good measure

Time:2011-05-17   Source:Shenzhen Special Zone Daily

Arunas Gelunas, Lithuania Minister of Culture

"Culture itself cannot be exchanged, but it can be transformed into products after it is endowed with cultural spirit," Arunas Gelunas, Lithuania Minister of Culture described the China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) a perfect process to spread culture and he expressed his interest in the combination between culture and high-tech, which injected new vigor into the traditional arts industry.

He was impressed by the large scale and diversity of ICIF after a close look at the exhibition. He told the journalist that it was a marvel to witness such a variety of culture and creative products at one exhibition. "Compared with the relatively small scale culture exhibition focusing on only one arts category, big event like ICIF can facilitate the combination between different kinds of culture," Gelunas disclosed that he considered introducing ICIF model into Lithuania to develop the domestic creative sector.

Lithuania Ministry of Culture and China Ministry of Culture has just signed an agreement of culture exchanges which covers the field of performing arts, design, publishing, radio and TV, as well as relics protection. Gelunas held that the latest trend of "combination of culture and high-tech" in the global cultural industry was fully manifested at ICIF. With the emerging advancement of high technology, a lot of traditional culture industries take on a new look. The technology allowed the art to increase more diversity and interaction and the creative sector also raised higher requirement for the improvement science and technology. Gelunas said that there are a lot of traditional competitive industries like fashion, furniture, interior design in Lithuania if the high-tech element can be incorporated, the traditional industries will become more dynamic and adapt to the changing demand of today’s consumers.