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New law tough on illegal immigrants

CHINA’S top legislature is considering a new law that would increase regulations on the entrance, residence and working status of foreigners.

The National People’s Congress dispatched four survey teams to Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi and Beijing to investigate the illegal entry and residence of foreigners in February and March. The teams found that the country’s current laws give fewer options for law enforcement agencies and that police lack a nationwide database to help coordinate related efforts.

If the new law is approved, police would have more power and options to directly handle illegal entries and related cases.

The new law also requires local governments to establish a special custody house for foreigners who violate the law. More specific rules for the forced repatriation of foreigners also will be set.

On Tuesday, Beijing launched a three-month crackdown on foreigners illegally entering, residing or working in the city. The campaign is believed to be linked to the detention of a British national who allegedly attempted to sexually assault a Chinese woman on the side of a road in Beijing on May 8.

Although the Briton was confirmed to have a valid travel visa, similar incidents may become more frequent if the country does not enhance related law enforcement and legislation, according to Professor Xiang Dang from the Chinese People’s Public Security University.

However, the Chinese Government is still providing favorable working and research conditions for foreigners who respect Chinese laws and traditions, Xiang said.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of foreigners are receiving legal aid, mostly for criminal cases, in China, according to the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday. Recipients were mostly from African, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries.(Xinhua)