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Cultural fair impresses UNESCO official

Time:2012-05-21   Source:Shenzhen Daily

Hans d’Orville

Linda Peng

UNESCO official Hans d’Orville visited the International Cultural Industries Fair at the exhibition center twice Friday during his three-day, tightly scheduled visit to Shenzhen, showing great interest in the city’s cultural development.

“The fair is huge, and displays diverse folk cultures through multiple technologies. We can see it attract a large audience here, proving that people accept diversity and are happy to be involved,” said Orville, assistant director-general for strategic planning with UNESCO.

Although it’s d’Orville’s third visit to Shenzhen, it’s his first time visiting the ICIF. He was fascinated by everything inside the exhibition halls, especially fine arts, chinaware and porcelain, various artworks and books.

Orville said he has seen great changes to the city’s construction, traffic, libraries and bookstores since his first visit to Shenzhen, in 2004.

“Shenzhen is surely a cultural city. We can see the government puts a lot of effort into cultural sectors,” he said.

When asked what other areas the city should focus on during future development, Orville said: “Shenzhen is an avant-garde city in China in terms of the combination of its book industry and economy. It’s also an avant-garde city in art and music in China.

“It has already been designated as a City of Design by UNESCO. In this sense, Shenzhen has already become a modern city nationally and internationally. Just stay the course and continue (those efforts).”

Orville also suggested that Shenzhen apply for UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” title, with the site where Deng Xiaoping announced the first special economic zone in Shenzhen. The announcement has changed China and the world. It’s worthy of application,” he said.

Orville also visited OCT Lofts and Guan Shanyue Art Museum during his stay in the city.