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The 8th ICIF Luohu Branch Fields Full of Highlights

Time:2012-05-24   Source:ICIF

In the 8th ICIF, Luohu branch field and the special activities, have fully demonstrated the creative culture, fashion culture rich achievement, promoted the fashionable atmosphere in Luohu in recent years. Walk into Luohu each branch field, regardless of jade, antique calligraphy and painting, pottery embroidery, or jewelry, home furnishing, Kistler sandalwood animation exhibition, the exhibition hall layout, or supermodel show, full of creative, highly fashionable taste. Such as” Luohu Loushang Designer Reading Room”, it is a place for shenzhen cultural creative designers and enterprises to provide a display, communication, gathering, recreation and stimulate creative inspiration, and it will give birth to more creative fashion.

ICIF, once a year, it is the important window for the stage to show the development of cultural industry, and it also the platform for city marketing opportunity.