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Zhaoqing held Culture Industry Promotion Fair

Time:2012-05-25   Source:chinadaily.com.cn

On May 17, the Zhaoqing Culture Industry Promotion Fair was held at the Shenzhen Garden Grand Skylight Hotel in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. Twelve projects signed contracts among 53 biddings for investments.

This year, Zhaoqing’s total amount of investment attracted 1.43 billion yuan ($226.08 million) and set a new record at the eighth Shenzhen Culture Expo. The contracted projects include major ones like the Huaiji Liuzu Buddha Temple project and the CCTV "Zhaoqing Widow" program.

The 53 projects demonstrated great potential for the Zhaoqing’s cultural industry. Among them are historical culture project like protecting and developing the city’s ancient town of the Song Dynasty (AD 420-279); investment-attracting projects like the Duanjian Cultural Village; public culture projects like the city sculpture designing; television and film projects like, Lingnan Painter Li Xiongcai and technological projects like the mobile application factory.

Guo Feng, major of Zhaoqing city and Chen Yiliang, Standing Committee of the Zhaoqing Municipal CPC Committee attended the fair and met with investor representatives. Culture enterprise representatives from Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao and the Pearl River Delta region were also present.

In his speech, Guo Feng expressed his gratitude towards all investors and guests who supported the development of Zhaoqing. He said the Shenzhen Culture Expo had provided a platform for investment in Zhaoqing’s culture industry and that the city had a bright outlook for the integrated development of Guangzhou, Fuoshan and Zhaoqing. The Shenzhen Culture Expo also provided an opportunity for Zhaoqing to learn from other parts of the country in terms of their cultural industry and exchange.

Meanwhile, the Zhaoqing Municipal Government held a press conference briefing the information to dozens of mainstream media from different municipalities, provinces, as well as special zones like Hong Kong and Macao.