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Marianne Gumaelius: More EU and China Dialogues Needed

Time:2012-06-07   Source:Shezhen Special Zone News

Marianne Gumaelius

To facilitate the development of and cooperation between the cultural and creative industry in China and EU, more dialogues are required to boost mutual understanding and investment, according to Marianne Gumaelius, Head of the Trade and Investment Section Delegation of EU in China.

While China is drawing up a blueprint to stimulate the cultural and creative industry, EU also regards the industry a major booster to the recovery of economic growth, said Gumaelius. EU attributes 5% of its total GDP to the creative industry which reaps higher economic growth, higher employment rate and better community experiences.

"We have decided that we need growth, trade and cultural development as well." Gumaelius said. Under a convention signed by UNESCO in 2005, the member countries shall examine cultural interaction, promote cultural cooperation and make preferential policies to develop cultural and creative industry.

At the meantime, it is also important to maintain a balance between growth and preservation, and to encourage diversities. In this regards, the EU has committed to make efforts in addressing the following issues: to encourage entrepreneurship to facilitate the development of cultural industry, to encourage adopting of new business model, to contribute to regional development and to promote the EU creative industry internationally.

As to EU and China cooperation in developing the cultural and creative industry, Gumaelius said there are many cultural exchanges and co-investment underway but more dialogues are needed at the country level. She hopes China could lift restrictions on foreign investment in movie-making and improve the intellectual property right protections.

(Fang Jingrong)