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Kadri Kruus - Designer Leather Goods

Time:2013-05-14   Source:www.cnicif.com

Company: Kadri Kruus - Designer Leather Goods




Country: Estonia

Kadri Kruus –Designer Leather Goods creates design accessories in which simple forms and quality materials are mixed with handicrafts elements. The designer has participated in several competitions such as Small Object 2012 by the Estonian Designers Associations (finalist with a group work), the International Online Contest Design-A-Bag Competition 2011 in Hong Kong (Designer Group finalist), the XIX Concurso Internacional de Jóvenes Dise?adores de Calzado in Elda, Spain ("Lapiz de Oro“ especial prize in 2010 and second prize in 2008) and the Competition/Exhibition Cumulus- European Ways of Life 2006 in Nantes, France (approval work). The designer was also awarded a special prize in Domus, Italy, on the occasion of the Fashion Design Scholarship Competition Dressing Codes 2005. Kadri Kruus has taken part in a showroom in St. Petersburg (2012), participated in the Estonian Fashion Week together with the fashion designer Liina Stein (2011), and will be present in the International Fashion Showcase during the London Fashion Week in February of this year.

Exhibit introduction:

The sand color bag Gabriel, the laptop bag Sandy, the everyday necessities bags, the document folders (Lana and Koop), phone accessories and belts. For the bags Lana and Koop the emphasis is placed on artistic expression. The items have printed paintings on them, which are done in collaboration with two cutting edge artists. Bag Lana’s style is to paint visually pleasing and little bit provocative pictures. As it is seen from the bag Lana the beautiful bright colors hide mysterious powerful thoughts in it and the colors have different effect on people depending on their barried thoughts in their unconscious mind. Bag Koop reminds us the functional aspects of life and objects that surround us. The exhibited items have simple form, but are impelling in nature. All the items are handcrafted in Estonia.

Bag Gabriel

Bag Lana

The designer follows a contemporary style while preserving the functionality of each item, and achieving high quality by passionately following traditional craftsmanship methods.

This limited collection is a careful selection of handbags and belts, which have opposing concepts - effeminate accessories are being made using masculine robust tools, such as hammers, knives, bodkins and nippers. This makes these items impelling in nature, but at the same time they carry the functional aspect as the tools that were used to create them. Furthermore, each piece of art is special and different with their own imperfections, that showcases the product’s manmade, handcrafted origin. Nevertheless, the pieces will have a simple, but functional form and the collection will carry the fixity of purpose in its nature, but the feminine touch will be expressed by using light colors.

Opposing concepts: Gentle and feminine accessories are being made using masculine robust tools, such as hammers, knives, bodkins and nippers…

Uniqueness: Each piece of art is special and different with their own imperfections, that showcase the product’s manmade, handcrafted origin.

Tradition: These are made using skills and materials that date back to the beginning of time.

Contradiction: So very often one the same old topic keeps popping up: leather being a living material. When crafting these accessories the most important thing was to make something truly worthy of the sacrifice of a living thing in the process of bringing these objects to life.

Luxury: Or perhaps predatory superiority? You can feel and decide by running your hands over the leather.