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Lonjaus Design & Dakit Design

Time:2013-05-14   Source:www.cnicif.com

Company: Lonjaus Design

Website: www.lonjausdesign.com

Country: Spain

Lonjaus Design has created the design for the 2010 and 2011 “Jet Lag Bio” international festival on youth urban expressions in the city of Bilbao. It has also experience in exhibition design for museums, design of furniture, graphic design for visual communication and website design. Lonjaus has recently been focusing on service design and creative processes for innovation in companies.

Company: Dakit Design

Website: www.dakitdesign.com

Country: Spain

Dakit Design has experience in product design in different fields: sporting industry (bike frames and components), electrical appliances, packaging, event merchandising, machine-tool sector, etc. Dakit Design has also experience in furniture and transport design (bus, train and tram).

Exhibition content:

At ICIF, Lonjaus Design & Dakit Design would like to jointly show their product design (design of sport bicycles, industrial packaging for food industry, electrical appliances, commodities and furniture); their service design (usability testing for new services, process of design research, participative idea generation, visual thinking and service prototyping); their design for festivals (using recycled and reused materials); and their design for effective visual communication (visualisation processes aiming at effective communication inside and outside companies).