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Introduction to Winter Arts and Crafts Expo of ICIF

Time:2014-10-30   Source:en.cnci.gov.cn

The Winter Arts and Crafts Expo of ICIF

In accordance with the Development Plan of China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (2010-2020), since 2010, China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) started practicing the "1 + N" operation model. Besides the annual large- scale and comprehensive ICIF in May as the major fair, there are also a series of derivative fairs centering on certain cultural industries held under ICIF. Winter Arts and Crafts Expo of the 7th ICIF was held during December 16-19, 2011 in Hall 3 and Hall 4 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. It was hosted by the ICIF Organizing Committee, Shenzhen Press Group, Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Shenzhen Arts and Crafts Industry Association. The 1st Arts and Crafts Expo, as the first specialized exhibition derived from ICIF, led to the overall development of the arts and crafts industry in Shenzhen and promoted the completeness of the national arts and crafts industry chain. In 2012, China Arts and Crafts Association joined in hosting the Winter Arts & Crafts Expo officially, which further upgraded the Expo. Besides, the Hundred Flowers Award of China Arts and Crafts, as the highest award of China's arts and crafts industry, was presented at the Winter Arts and Crafts Expo, which marked a significant progress of ICIF in its specialized exhibition. In 2013, the Winter Arts and Crafts Expo of the 9th ICIF was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. It covered an exhibition area of 15,000 square meters, with 288 exhibitors coming from 23 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions and 20 prefecture cities of China, increasing 13 regions compared with that of 2012, gathering the most excellent and representative exhibitors and exhibit resources in China arts & crafts industry. It attracted more than 50,000 visitors, including more than 3,000 buyers from Hong Kong and Macao. During the exhibition, the Presentation Ceremony of the Hundred-Flowers Awards of China Arts and Crafts was held. It collected 486 works from more than 300 exhibitors coming from 26 provinces and autonomous regions, and came out with 53 gold prizes, 60 silver prizes and 61 bronze prizes through several rounds of selection by the masters’ jury of this award.

The Winter Arts & Crafts Expo is committed to becoming the top exhibition in China arts and crafts industry according to the exhibition standards of being international, market-orientated, professional, excellent and standardized.