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Introduction to Futian District of Shenzhen

Time:2016-05-12   Source:Shenzhen Daily

FUTIAN District, located in the central part of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, China, is the seat of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and the city government. It is the central district for development and construction in Shenzhen.

Futian is about 78.8 square kilometers. There are 1.66 million people under its jurisdiction. The population density is 21,000 people per square kilometer, the highest in the city. In 2014, Futian’s GDP reached 300 billion yuan (US$45.78 billion) and the per capita GDP was US$35,000.

Foreign trade

As an active central district of reform and opening up, Futian has topped the city in foreign trade for 16 consecutive years, with the import and export volume accounting for one-fifth of the city. Futian will make full use of its foreign trade advantage to explore the Southeast Asian market and is bidding to host the Maritime Silk Road Commodity Center.


Futian will promote the development of the maker’s center in Huaqiangbei, speed up the construction of China’s electronic information valley and AVIC City, and upgrade Huaqiangbei’s electronics street into an international e-commerce street.

Makers, startups

Reputed as “China’s No. 1 electronics street,” Huaqiangbei is also a maker heaven and has the world’s most integrated hardware supply chain. Futian will try to attract a batch of multinational corporations, renowned research institutes and high-end creative resources. With industrial support funds and a venture capital guiding fund, Futian will create a favorable environment and strive to build a hub for innovation, startups and makers.

Headquarters economy

Futian has a highly developed headquarters economy and is a core district of the Shenzhen and Hong Kong bay area economy. Headquarters economy and modern service industry are Futian’s advantages in economic development. Futian’s third industry accounts for 93.2 percent of its GDP thanks to the development of emerging industries.

There are 85 Global 500 companies in Futian, accounting for one-third of those in the city.


Finance is the backbone of the modern economy. Expanding finance cooperation is key to promoting regional economic convergence. With the growing economic and trade contact between the countries along the Belt and Road, the demand for financial services will increase. As Shenzhen’s financial center, Futian will provide sophisticated financial services and financing for enterprises that have businesses overseas. Futian will also provide financial services like clearing for countries along the Belt and Road and reinforce financial cooperation with foreign financial institutions.(Wu Yan)