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Living creatively for a better future

Time:2016-05-12   Source:Shenzhen Daily

A computer-generated image of Futian Hall.

“LIVING a creative life for a better future” is the theme of the Futian Hall at the 12th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair. Exhibitions and interactive activities will allow visitors to better understand Futian of Shenzhen city as an international and culturally developed district. As a showcase for Futian, the hall has seven highlights.

1. Exhibition of award-winning designs

One of Futian’s strengths is rooted in the many talented designers in the district. That is why Futian is the birth place of many extraordinary works of design. The exhibition will showcase designs by Futian designers that have won iF awards and Red Dot awards over the last few years from companies such as Ciga Design, LKK, Matrix Interior Design and Deve Build.

2. Rare amber show

A company called Rongbai Investment will exhibit blue amber jewelry from Dominica at the Futian Hall. They have exquisite workmanship, combining European styles and Eastern aesthetics. At the show, the audience will be able to see rare insect amber pieces through a microscope. The insects are up to 30 million years old.

3. Paper cutting show

Beautiful paper cuttings by folk artists from the Futian Folk Art Association will be displayed in Futian Hall. The artists will also give live shows making paper cuttings and teaching paper cutting. Some other artists will demonstrate their skills sculpting dough and display dough models.

4. Souvenirs from Shenzhen

For visitors to the Futian Hall, the event organizers have prepared “Souvenirs from Shenzhen,” which include locally made jewelry, artifacts, tea sets and snack food.

5. Books about beautiful Futian

Several books about Futian will debuted in Futian Hall. The central showpiece is a book entitled “Discover the Beauty of Futian.” Published by a Futian-based company called Dianshi, the books tell about many aspects of the unique culture of Futian.

6. Fashion show

A Miss Model of the World fashion show featuring models from China and abroad will be staged during the fair at Futian Hall.

7. Creative product show

A display of creative products and artifacts is part of the pleasure that Futian Hall offers its visitors. Traditional and modern elements have been creatively fused into the exhibits.(Wu Yan)