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Inspectors to censure online platforms for improper content

The Chinese Ministry of Culture announced on Monday that it will begin inspections of 50 operators of online live performance to curb cases of "misleading values, pornography, and superstition".

The 50 targets — 25 from Beijing, six from Shanghai, 10 from Zhejiang province, seven from Guangdong, and two from elsewhere in the country — were randomly chosen from about 100 active operators nationwide. Their registry information and performance content will be checked, and those performers failing to pass inspection will be included in a black list, which will bar them from re-entering the industry in the future. Their accounts will be blocked.

The ministry also released result of a recent random inspection of online games. Thirty-six online operators all over the country were found problematic, spreading illegal or immoral contents. They will be fined and punished with other administrative action.