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Innovative 1+N Exhibition Model Makes ICIF an International Brand

Time:2018-02-02   Source:China Culture Daily

Translated from China Culture Daily

Feb. 01, 2018

Since its first edition in 2004, ICIF has achieved more than RMB1.7 trillion in accumulated transactions and over RMB100 billion in aggregated exports, becoming the beach head for Chinese culture to go global. It is thus reputed as the top fair in cultural industries in China.

Exploring ICIF 1+N Exhibition Model

ICIF is co-sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Commerce, State Administration of Radio and Television, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the People’s Provincial Government of Guangdong, and the People’s Municipal Government of Shenzhen. It is China’s only international, and comprehensive cultural industries fair at the national level, which plays a role in the national strategy of boosting the development of Chinese cultural industries and promoting the globalization of Chinese culture.

In 2010, ICIF began to launch the 1+N exhibition model in which 1 stands for ICIF and N includes two parts. The first part is the ICIF platform, from which are derived a number of special exhibitions. The second part is, by capitalizing on the fair as an opportunity and the local market of Shenzhen as an advantage, select the top 68 cultural industry parks in the whole city, which become the sub-venues of ICIF where the products and projects of the ICIF platform can be shown throughout the year.

Building ICIF into a Top Brand

The 13th ICIF was a success. At this event drawing attention from the whole world, the Shenzhen government delegations made a complete achievement for the 8th time, with the main hall accommodating 2,302 government delegations, enterprises, and institutions. In 2016, by expanding the 1+N business model, ICIF Co., Ltd. built on the resource efficiency of the ICIF platform, further increasing the influence of ICIF. Meanwhile, it tapped into the huge market potential and shifted the operating revenue structure to a diverse operating model.

Art Shenzhen, a Leading Brand in South China

Art Shenzhen is one of the ICIF 1+N series of special exhibitions. Since launched in 2013, it has received much attention and strong support from the CPC Committee and government of Shenzhen City, ICIF Organizing Committee, and relevant government departments. After five years of relentless innovation and effort, it has become the first art fair which is the most influential in South China.

ICIF, a Vibrant Event

ICIF Winter Expo of Arts and Crafts started in 2011 and is an ICIF-branded event held in the 1+N model. Through extensive integration of domestic and overseas resources, it will be a venue gathering quality works of famous crafts and fine arts masters, quality home products, and cultural and technological products from home and abroad. It seeks to develop into ‘the top fair in arts and crafts industries in China’.