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The Sneak Peek of Northeast Asia Cultural and Art Fair

Time:2018-11-21   Source:www.cnicif.com

The First Northeast Asia Cultural and Art Fair will be held in Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 24 to 28, 2018, when 230 exhibitors will take their own exhibits to the exhibition.

The following are some of the exhibits:

The love of life from Shenzhen Guishou Jiangxin Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

It takes rosewood as its material, and is the prototype of the Zhizunbao in the movie ‘A Chinese Odyssey’.

The classic of the Yongfengyuan of the national porcelain: Madame Porcelain·West Lake Blue

At the ‘Ladies' Lunch’ of the G20 Summit held in Hangzhou in 2016, it became the special porcelain for the heads of state and their wives at dinner. The porcelain consisting of more than 70 items became the online sensation instantly. It is 24K pure gold with all hand painted decorative border, using the original technology and difficult operation, for which the operator must be fully absorbed and experienced.

Traditional culture, Manchu embroidery Bohai Mohe embroidery, is said to inherit the ancestors of Sun Yanling who is the original Manchu Zhenghuang Banner. On the basis of inheriting the embroidery technology of Bohai Mohe embroidery, Sun Yanling innovated and developed the embroidery art of Bohai Mohe embroidery with the theme of Northeast ice and snow landscape.

Calligraphy and painting:

Chen Zhifo's Birds perching on the willow on a snowy night

Guanshanyues Shanshui

Qibaishis Plum blossoms and sparrows

Xubeihongs Galloping horse

Xu Beihong is best at painting horses. He is good at expressing his patriotic passion by means of horses and people. Some people say that Xu Beihong's horse is ‘the unsurpassable one among all the horses drew in the past’, with a unique spirit and vigorous mood.

Zhangdaqians Ink Lotus

Zhang Daqian loved lotus and painted countless of them throughout his life. He praised the high-minded lotus as ‘Esquires’ . Whenever lotus bloom, he would like to admire the flowers and sketch them. And he always opens up ponds and plant lotus in his living garden.

It is said that the ‘foot sound of great artists’ will exhibit nearly 100 representative works of modern Chinese painting masters, all of which are representative works and exquisite works of these artistic masters in different periods and are the Masters' authentic works. Come and have a look of those splendid works in November 24th-28, Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Centre, which is definitely a worthy visit for you.