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The 15th ICIF highlights the internationalization

Time:2019-05-19   Source:Xinhua News Agency

According to Xinhua News Agency, the degree of internationalization of the 15th ICIF has further improved. The number of the exhibitors has reached a new high in the 15th ICIF, with 2,312 government organizations, enterprises and institutions, 4 more than last year. This fair has attracted 132 overseas institutions from 50 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Oceania, accounting for 23.5% of the total area. More than 21,000 overseas exhibitors from 103 countries and regions including the United States, Britain and France were invited to participate, exhibit and purchase in the fair.
In the ‘Belt & Road·International Hall’, you can find Persian carpets, Vietnamese agarwood, Nordic toys and so on. 132 overseas institutions bring exhibits with distinctive and regional styles, covering cultural and artistic, creative design, film and television animation, cultural education, Cultural tourism, arts and crafts, etc.
The Scottish pavilion has participated in the ICIF for three consecutive years. This year, there are five companies exhibiting, including the Museum Context from Edinburgh, the Krotos Audio Technology, the film and television post-production company Frick Movie, Shenzhen Manchester Castle School and the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce.
Andrew, who used to be an architect, brings Museum Context as a gift for his first participation in the ICIF. The museum highly recreates the scenes in the Harry Potter stories, so that every audience can enjoy the fun of treasure hunt.
According to Andrew, he opened the first Harry Porter theme park in Hongkong in 2011, later the business was expanded to Macao. This year, he planed to set up a globally authorized Harry Potter magic experience store, next, he will link up the industrial chain with local cultural and creative enterprises in Shenzhen.
The reporter noticed that the Belt and Road · International Hall also sets up a Business Matchmaking area, through pairing in advance, carrying out the arts and crafts, creative design and other content as the theme of ‘one-on-one’ ‘one to many’ negotiation activities in the exhibition period, which enhancing the actual effect of on-site transactions.
In 2015, the first Silk Road Hall was set up, in 2016, Silk Road Hall was renamed to the Belt and Road Hall, and in 2017, the Belt and Road Hall was upgraded to the Belt and Road · International Hall. After years of growth, the number of countries and regions participating in the exhibition has increased from the first year 15 to 50 this year.