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Delegation led by Vice Mayor Wu Yihuan to South American Countries achieved fruitful results

Time:2019-07-01   Source:www.cnicif.com

From June 17th to 27th, Ms. Wu Yihuan, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen led a delegation to the United States, Chile, and Brazil for a 10-day visit, to promote the 16th ICIF and investigate relevant medical institutions.

The overseas promotion of the 16th ICIF yielded substantial results

During the 10-day visit, the delegation visited four cities including Los Angeles, Santiago, Chile, Manaus, Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They visited local government departments, well-known associations, institutions and enterprises, and launched a number of ICIF promotion events, which would effectively introduce multinational resources, and further expand the popularity and reputation of the ICIF at home and abroad. The United States (Imperial Center), Chile (A-CHILAC), Brazil (China-Brazil Social and Cultural Research Center) will organize cultural organizations to participate in the 16th ICIF; in addition, Shenzhen and Manaus, Brazil will achieve strategic cooperation on cultural tourism integration.

International Strategic Cooperation in Health Care reached outcomes

The delegation visited the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, the Chilean University School of Medicine and Hospital in Santiago, Chile, and the Osvaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and discussed with representatives of various agencies and reached a number of strategic cooperation intentions.