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Winter Arts and Crafts Expo of the 15th ICIF has came to a perfect ending

Time:2019-12-24   Source:www.cnicif.com,Shenzhen Special Zone Daily

On December 22nd, the four-day Winter Arts and Crafts Expo of the 15th ICIF came to an end. During the expo, a lot of masterpieces attracted many fans to stop and appreciate, while some were pocketed by collectors, and the wonderful interactive activities during the exhibition were praised by the citizens. On December 20th, Deputy Mayor Ms. Wu Yihuan visited and investigated the expo and fully affirmed the outcomes of the expo.

Deputy Mayor Ms. Wu Yihuan was visiting and investigating the expo.

Awarding Ceremony

‘Colorful Qiuyuan’- art works charity auction on helping to promote the activities Shenzhen ‘Art Poverty Alleviation’

Video Highlights

PhotoVideo by Liu Ying, Qiu Juan, Zhao Hui, Huang Li, CNCI.Net 

Source:www.cnicif.com,Shenzhen Special Zone Daily