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Online ICIF - UNIMAT Innovative Educational Tool of Austria

Time:2020-05-06   Source:www.cnicif.com

In addition to the spirit of pursuing perfection, the great countries’ craftsmen need good tools. With the saying of ‘the better tools the better performance at works’, tools are very important to achieve the ideals. A company named ‘The Cooltool GmbH’ of Austria, founded on 1982 in a rich and innovative city of Moedling, Austria, specializing in the production of miniature, fine and safe tool machines, good for R & D, teaching, popular science, experience, practice and hands on activities. 


The company launched the UNIMAT multifunctional model making machine in 1988, which is suitable for personal invention and creation, popular science activities, R&D, experience, STEAM teaching practice, cultural and creative industry productions, etc. Good for all ages from 6 to 80 years, male and female, children and adults. It can cultivate students hands-on ability, inspire innovative consciousness, and also improves scientific qualities with obvious effect. Professional technician presents a fantastic live show on the booth site, sometimes will together with the experience activities offered by the organizer on the site in more than 80 countries and regions worldwide exhibitions.


UNIMAT Classic set:

Long-lasting and durable, Classic product of millions starters tools of maker, DIY Hobbyist, R&D inventers children and adults in the world. The product uses aluminum alloy base, PC engineering plastic housing, with six different basic functions of jig saw, Sander, Drill press, Wood Turning, Metal lathing and Milling machines which are suitable for beginners.


UNIMAT Metal Line 6 in 1 (Advanced, 2nd Generation):

Main parts are composed of metal manufactured and treated on cutting-edge CNC machines for perfect alignment. Guarantees a high level of precision despite the modularity of all machines. It is suitable for those who seek to improve accuracy and advanced technology.


Professional Set :

Full metal line set with more than 18 different fabricating functions, good for professionals makers, R&D, innovative design, museums, schools, and centers, etc. Special offer for customers who buy 1 professional set on site can get 1 classic set free only on the exhibition).


UNIMAT modular CNC-System

Industry 4.0 automatic processing machines (CNC set):

Assembled into 2-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis CNC lathes and milling machines; using EMC open source software, fully compatible with market popular 3D drawing software, generating into G codes automatically. Suitable for personal R & D, simulation, programming, and teaching, etc.

Detail information, please call 010-83521475/83524391 or send email to info@candpcn.com.

Website of German and English: www.thecooltool.com 

Website of Chinese: www.thecooltools.cn, www.candpcn.com.