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The Preparatory Work Meeting for the 16th ICIF is held

Time:2020-11-02   Source:Dutenews

On October 31, Mr. Wang Qiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Publicity Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, visited the 11th Shenzhen Arts and Crafts Fair at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and held a preparatory work meeting for the 16th ICIF (Cloud ICIF).

It is understood that the 16th ICIF will be held online, for the first time to create "Cloud ICIF". The ICIF online system platform integrates 5G, live streaming, VR, big data, AI and other new technologies, and will set up 12 online halls. Up to now, it has attracted 3146 companies (institutions) with 20,319 exhibits from 30 countries and regions overseas institutions and enterprises , including France, Lithuania, Turkey, Brazil, Japan and others to participate in "Cloud ICIF". With the theme of "Ideas Motivation and Life Aesthetics", the 11th Shenzhen Arts & Crafts Fair gathers high-quality resources of arts and crafts at home and abroad, builds a high-end platform leading the arts and crafts industry, and helps promote the revitalization of traditional crafts. The scale of exhibition and exchange is expanding year by year.

During his visit, Mr. Wang Qiang pointed out that this year's "Cloud ICIF" is a pioneering initiative since the 16th ICIF. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of technology and creativity, use the Internet and digital technology, actively innovate and seek change, and turn passive into active to hold a wonderful, successful, and creative "Cloud ICIF", showing the innovative development and new outlook of the cultural industry. He also emphasized that the ICIF and related supporting exhibitions should actively reform and innovate on the road of marketization and professionalization, and continuously enhance the influence and driving force of the exhibition.

Source:Shenzhen Special Zone Dail,Dutenews