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Quotations and soundbites from Lei Feng

Time:2012-03-06   Source:China Daily

The most famous soundbite from Lei Feng is: "It’s my duty," Lei Feng always said when he was thanked by those who had received help from him.

The following are selected from the Diary of Lei Feng:

"If a person truly wants to study something, they can always find time. The key is whether they can budget their time in an efficient way."

"There is a limit to one’s life, but no limit to serving the people. I would devote my limited life to limitlessly serving the people."

"For our life, we should be diligent and create wealth with our own hands, devoting ourselves to the liberation of human beings...That is the true happiness."

"Someone said I’m an idiot, but that is not true. I just want to be a person who is good for our people and the motherland. If this kind of person is an idiot, I’d rather be an idiot beacause revolution and construction need this kind of idiots."

"If you are a drop of water, do you moisten an inch of the land? If you are the first sunlight, do you illuminate the dark hours? If you are food, do you foster useful life? If you are one of the smallest screws, will you always stick with the status of your life? If you want to tell us what you are thinking, do you disseminate the most beautiful ideal day and night? When you are alive do you always remember to work hard and realize your efforts will affect future lives and let the world become more beautiful day by day? I would like to ask you, what have you brought about for the future? In our life, we should not only be spenders."

"Without rain, a sapling cannot grow into a tall tree. Mastery comes from training."

"My name is the People’s Liberation Army and I live in China."

"We should treat comrades like the breeze in spring, work hard like summer’s sunshine, conquer difficulties like the autumn’s bise sweeping withered leaves, and treat the enemy as ruthless as the cold winter."

"A person for the revolutionary cause, just like a screw for a machine."