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Yuequ Artist: Chen Lingyu

Time:2008-10-15   Source:

Yuequ Artist: Chen Lingyu

Chen Lingyu, a noted female Yuequ (Guangdong Melodies) performer, was admitted by Guangzhou Technical Secondary School of Literature to study Yuequ performing. In 1980, she entered Guangdong Music School for advanced study. Now, she is a national grade-A actress and an Excellent Young Artist in Guangdong Province. 

Chen Lingyu has a round and smooth aria with clear tamber. She is skillful in playing the Pipa (lute) and specializes in Yuequ. She successively studied under famous Pipa players Lao Yanjuan, Li Danhong, Luo Yusheng and so on, absorbed their advantages and formed her unique way of Pipa playing.

Chen Lingyu got several prizes in various Quyi contests. In recent years, she was invited to countries such as Singapore, Australia, the United States, etc. to stage performances and lectures, contributing a lot to the promotion and development of Chinese Quyi arts.