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Ahdili: The Prince of Tightrope Walking

Time:2008-10-16   Source:

Ahdili was born in 1971 in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and his father was the five-generation descendant of Dawazi (tightrope walking in the Uygur language). The old man thought Dawaz was quite dangerous and decided not to pass his skills to his son. 

Ahdili began to learn Dawaz himself at the age of eight and now is the master of Uygur Dawaz walker among the Uygurs today.

Ahdili, who was hailed by China’s state media as "The King of Sky", became a living icon in Uygur Dawaz when he made a new Guinness record in 1998 walking across China’s famous Three Gorges in the shortest time-span.

Ahdili also made a Guinness record on October 6, 2000 by successfully walking across a stainless steel rope connecting two peaks on Hengshan Mountain in Hunan Province.

Currently, Ahdili is teaching his five-year-old daughter to practice Dawaz. The seventh-generation descendant of Dawaz is expected to inject new vigor into this old acrobatic item.