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Magician Couple: Yao Jinfen and Qin Mingxiao

Time:2008-10-16   Source:

Magician Yao Jinfen

Mrs. Yao Jinfen and Mr. Qin Mingxiao are both famous magicians in China nowadays and standing directors of China’s Association of Acrobats.

They entered the field of magic in 1960s and learned the art from China’s noted magic master Yang Xiaoting. Later, they worked hard and made great brokethrough from traditional acrobatics. Their audacious attitude helped them to creat many works with novel styles and form their own performing style.

In the pursuance of the same career, Yao Jinfen and Qin Mingxiao got married. In the past several decades, they visited different parts of China and many countries around the world, and their magic performances were well received by the audiences.

Yao Jinfen during a performance

In 1984, both of them were accepted as members of the International Association of Magicians and won a medal of International Magician for they outstanding achievements in the art of magic. This was the first international medal won by Chinese magicians.

With years of efforts and rich experience, Yao Jinfen and Qin Mingxiao joined hand with the Beijing Dancing and Singing Troupe and staged a novel, unique large-scale special performance of magic. The performance not only kept the characteristics of the oriental traditional magic but also absorbed essence of Western modern magic. Accompanied by dances, the performance became a masterpiece of magic performance in the world.