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PRD Eco-cinema Festival this weekend

Time:2016-05-12   Source:Shenzhen Daily

“Crimson Jade” 

The Hong Kong-Pearl River Delta Eco-cinema Festival aims to promote the environmental movement in the community through film screenings, seminars, creative workshops and forums in the Pearl River Delta. Co-organized by Fat Bird Theater (Shenzhen) and CULTaMAP (Hong Kong), the two-day event will screen short movies.

Hu Liubin, a director at Shenzhen University and chairman of the Hong Kong-Pearl River Delta Eco-cinema Festival, and Lee Ka Yin, planner of the HK-Pearl River Delta Eco-cinema Festival and art director of CULTaMAP in Hong Kong, will talk about independent movies at the event.

‘Crimson Jade’ (May 14-15)

By Cheung King-wai/2010/Hong Kong/28 mins/English subtitle/Cantonese

Inspired by the confessions of a group of teenage junkies, this short film centers on middle school dropout Jade, who abandons herself to illegal drugs. Unprepared for motherhood, the girl decides to have an abortion by taking drugs.

‘A Day in a Life’ (May 14)

By Kwok Zune/2008/Hong Kong/18 mins/English subtitle/Cantonese

She gets up early every morning. She works hard every day. For her, a day is like a life but she keeps going.

‘The Sea Within’ (May 15)

By Wong Wai-nap/2014/Hong Kong/30 mins/English subtitle/Cantonese

Fishermen couple Ah Shing and Mei-wah have lived from boat to shore for most of their lives. After their son grows up, they have different visions towards the rest of their days. Ah Shing insists on fishing amid the decline of the local fishing industry. Mei-wah works in a factory and wants a more stable life provided by Ah Shing working at jobs he doesn’t like. Even when there are profound changes in their relationships, their affection for each other never stops.

‘Yeung Yeung With Cows’ (May 15)

By Wong Cheuk Man/2014/Hong Kong/25 mins/English subtitle/Cantonese

Yeung Yeung devotes herself to taking care of a herd of cows.

‘Beijing Besieged by Waste’ (May 14)

By Wang Jiuliang/2013/Chinese mainland/83 mins/English subtitle/Mandarin

With a population of about 20 million, the growing city of Beijing produces 30,000 tons of waste each day. Photographer/filmmaker Wang Jiuliang traveled around the city and visited 460 legal and illegal landfills from 2008 to 2010 to document the collection of garbage and excrement, the environmental calamity and the life cycles around these landfills, which include scavengers with a precarious livelihood, green spaces forming on top of waste, and livestock being fed trash. An informative and alarming portrait of urban ecology, the film has earned Chinese media coverage and the attention of government officials.

Time: 3-5 p.m., May 14-15, 2016

Venue: i-Factory, 8 Haiwan Road, Shekou, Shenzhen, China (蛇口海湾路8号价值工厂)

Metro: Shekou Line, Chiwan Station and then take a taxi

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