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Innovative methods revive traditional printmaking

Time:2018-01-22   Source:chinadaily.com.cn

A grand exhibition featuring traditional watercolor printmaking opened in Hangzhou on Jan 19.

China is the cradle of printmaking art, which dates back to Han Dynasty (206 BC- AD 220). The development of this art is the epitome of Chinese history and demonstrates unique oriental aesthetics.

The exhibition not merely showcases artworks, but adopts new methods such as circular-screen movie and VR technology to better present these masterpieces to the public.

The exhibition will run until Mar 11.

A grand exhibition featuring traditional watercolor printmaking opens in Hangzhou on Jan 19, 2018. [Photo/IC]

A rare large-scale printmaking version of the book The Romance of West Chamber is a highlight of the exhibition. [Photo/IC]

A large-scale printmaking work is on display. [Photo/IC]

Visitors can have a new experience of exhibition though circular-screen movie. [Photo/IC]

VR technology is a new method adopted by the exhibition to revive woodcut, one of the printmaking type. [Photo/IC]

Printmaking creates perfect copies of ancient rare books. [Photo/IC]

A printmaking work features traditional tiger-head shoes. [Photo/IC]