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Post-2000 generation top listener of online music during Spring Festival

Time:2018-03-02   Source:chinadaily.com.cn

Chinese music lovers born after 2000 topped the list of biggest listeners of online music during the week-long Spring Festival holiday.

According to QQ Music, an online music streaming service of Tencent with 800 million users, 47.48 percent of online listeners were born after 2000 while 45 percent of listeners were post-1990 and post-1980 and 2.93 percent were post-1970.

Sound tracks from three top-grossing movies, Monster Hunt 2, Detective Chinatown II, and The Monkey King 3, which were screened during the holiday, were streamed most.

Four videos by QQ Music which tell the stories of Chinese people travelling back home to celebrate the traditional festival were viewed more than 60 million times after they were released online ahead of the holiday.