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The 15th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair

Exhibition Procedures for Overseas Exhibitors

Exhibitor Registration Procedures

Step 1: The applicant clicks Booth Application or downloads Booth Application Form of the 15th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair at the official website of ICIF (www.cnicif.com) to apply for booths.

Step 2: After receiving the Booth Application, Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair Co., Ltd. (organizer of ICIF, hereinafter referred to as ICIF Company) appoints a client manager to keep in contact with the applicant, and verifies the applicant’s qualification. The domestic applicant shall provide Corporate Code Certificate, Business License, Tax Registration Certificate, Patent Certificate or any other documents to prove company qualification. The overseas applicant shall provide Business License/ Certificate of Registration.

Step 3: ICIF Company arranges booths to the qualified intended exhibiting organizations and the designated client manager confirms booth arrangement with the applicant.

Step 4: ICIF Company sends the Exhibition Agreement (in quadruplicate) to the applicant. The contract becomes effective after both parties sign and stamp.

Step 5: Within 10 days after signing the contract, the applicant shall pay the exhibition fee and the required deposit to the bank account appointed by ICIF Company.

Step 6: After receiving the contract fee, ICIF Company sends to the exhibitor the Booth Confirmation Letter (which shall be presented when checking into the Hall).

Step 7: The client manager offers consultation service on Exhibition Catalogue advertisement, exhibition hall advertisement, conference room rental, booth construction, hotel booking, etc., assisting the exhibitor in exhibition preparation.

Step 8: The exhibitor submits the required materials for Exhibition Catalogue and other exhibition materials timely with clear and accurate information.

Step 9: The international exhibitor could apply for the invitation letter(s) used for Chinese Visa application provided by ICIF Company.

Step 10: ICIF Company sends the Admission Procedure to the Exhibitor. The exhibitor could also download the Exhibitor’s Guide at www.cnicif.com and exhibit according to relevant regulations in the Guide.

Step 11: After the exhibition, the exhibitor packs exhibits and leaves the exhibition hall by presenting the Release Pass for Objects out of Hall (available at the on-site service counter of each hall).

Deadline for Exhibitor Application: March 31, 2019