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Q1: What is ICIF?

A:As the only national standard, international and integrated cultural fair in China, ICIF focuses on exhibition and exchange and is committed to hosting quality and intensive exhibitions and building a trade platform for China’s cultural industrial products and projects, driving the development of China’s cultural industry and vigorously advancing the globalization of Chinese cultural products. ICIF is crowned as The Top Cultural Fair in China.

Q2: Who hosts ICIF?

A: ICIF is jointly hosted by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee (General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China, National Film Administration), Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Commerce, National Radio and Television Administration, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government.

Q3: Who organizes ICIF?

A: ICIF is co-organized by Shenzhen Press Group, Shenzhen Media Group, Shenzhen Publication Group Company as well as Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ICIF Company).

Q4: What is the operation model of ICIF?

A:In the principles of “Internationalization, Professionalism, Market Orientation, Excellence Orientation and Standardization",ICIF founded the specialized exhibition organizing company – Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair Co., Ltd in 2005. It is in charge of organizing exhibitors and visitors, providing exhibition services, promoting the fair, and expanding the market for the main exhibition venue of ICIF. ICIF Company is owned by Shenzhen Press Group, and the shareholders include Shenzhen Press Group, Shenzhen Media Group and Shenzhen Publication Group Company. The sub-venues of ICIF which are located in different districts of Shenzhen are mainly supervised bythe Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Government and Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration of Shenzhen Municipality.

Q5: How often is ICIF held?

A: ICIF is held in the mid-May annually. The 15th ICIF will last for 5 days, among which the first 2 days will be the Buyers’ Days. In addition, according to the strategic planning of the “1+N”model of ICIF, there are also itsderivative exhibitions – Winter Expo on Arts and Crafts and Art Shenzhen,(Xuzhou) FolkArts &Crafts Fair, Xinjiang Silk Road Cultural andCreative Industry Expo andNortheast Asia Cultural and Art Fair, etc.

Q6: Where is the Main Venue of ICIF?

A: ICIF is held in May annually in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area covers 105,000㎡.

Q7: What main contents is ICIF composed of?

A: They are exhibition and exchange, forums and meetingsand online ICIF.

Q8: What are to be exhibited and traded in ICIF?

A: As a business matchmaking platform for global exhibitors andvisitors in cultural industries, ICIF themes on "exhibition and exchange". The fair covers all aspects of the cultural industries, including creative design, movie, television and animation, computer games, intangible cultural heritage, calligraphy and painting, press and publication, cultural tourism, arts and crafts and performance and entertainments, etc. Hundreds of thousands of categories of cultural products and over6000 invested cultural projects display on the fair. People from 31 provinces, cities, autonomous regions throughout China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and other over 101 countries and regions all over the world participate in ICIF.

Q9: The target clients of ICIF

A: The target clients of ICIF are cultural institutions and enterprises engaged in creative design, digital creativity, film and television production, creative development on games, performing arts and entertainment, publishing, printing and reproduction, cultural tourism, cultural technology, cultural exhibition, cultural finance, cultural creativity, achievements of media convergence development, intangible cultural heritage, paintings and calligraphy at home and abroad, China’s arts and crafts and other cultural industries; global venture capital enterprises, banks, financial companies and other investment organizations and investors; global governmental organizations, cultural and commercial institutions, corporate representatives and individuals; enterprises and organizations on the upper, middle and lower streams of cultural and creative industries.

Q10: What are the overseas organizations that ICIF ever cooperated with?

A:Founded in 2004, ICIF has been successfully held for 14 sessions and worked with many organizations by organizing exhibition and cooperating promotion, such as KEA European Affairs, Art Paris, British Chamber of Commerce, British Business Council, European American Chamber of Commerce& Industry, Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Russia Rapin Art College, Art College of North Korea, Canada Circus of the Sun, Broadway Asia Company, Frankfurt Book Fair, AUSCHN, Atlantic Canada Business Network, Malaysian Kwong Wah Newspaper, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Art Development Council, Macau Institute of Culture, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei's National Palace Museum, etc.