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Welcome to read the User Agreement! The terms and conditions stated in this agreement are applicable to all kinds of tools and services you use in this website.

Both parties of this User Agreement, which has validity of a contract, are this website and website users.

The content of this User Agreement includes the text and all rules we have released and will be subject to release. All rules that have the same legal validity with the text are the impartible part of the Agreement.

In the User Agreement, the documents that are referred by the link words without being described by Rules are not part of the User Agreement, but are other agreements or relevant reference, which have no direct legal relationship with this Agreement.

While users use all services this website provides, you promise to accept and comply with all relevant rules. This website is entitled to institute, revise the agreement or all rules. If the agreement has any changes, the website will insert the notice to inform the users. If users disagree with the relevant changes, you must stop using the Services. Once the amended agreement is announced on this website, it will take effect automatically. All rules will be taken effect after releasing, and they will also be part of the agreement. Login or continuing using Services will mean that users accept amended agreement. In addition to the declaration, any new contents that may scale the Services scope or increase the function are restricted by this Agreement.

After you confirm this User Agreement, it will have legal validity between you and this website. You must read all contents of the User Agreement carefully before registration. If you have any questions, please consult this website.

(1). Whether you actually read this User Agreement carefully or not before registration, as long as you click on the OK button below the text, and register successfully to be a user according to registration processes of this website, your actions remain that you agree and sign in the User Agreement.

(2). This agreement does not involve in the legal relations and legal dispute that caused by you and other users of this website because of online trade platform.

You must be at least 18 years old.

If you have a company, your business must have a valid business license.

All the information you provide on this website must be true and legal. All the products and services you sell on this website must be legal and in accordance with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. You must not sell any illegal or prohibited products or services on this website.

You must not make use of the website to conduct fraud, intellectual property infringement, piracy, or any other unlawful activity.

If you are found having breached any of the provisions of the User Agreement, we will terminate our Services to you without prior notice to you and reserve the right to take legal actions.

Our website is not responsible for the authenticity of the information provided by the users.

We hope you will cooperate well with us and hope you will enjoy the Services provided by our website.